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Watch out for this telephone scam

East Yorkshire: Police are warning home owners to be aware of bogus telephone callers purporting to be from a Police Magazine.  It is a scam.


Humberside Police are urging members of the public not to fall foul of a bogus caller scam after recent incidents where residents have be called to advertise in a police magazine.

If you receive a call from anyone saying they are selling advertising for a police magazine please do not fall for this – the police do not seek private advertisers and would never call you at home to sell advertising.

If you receive calls like this put the phone down, wait five minutes for the line to clear and then call Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040.

What should people do if they are called?
• never give out bank or personal details to strangers
• don’t hand over money or transfer funds to unknown accounts
• If called use another phone to ring the police to report the incident but do not use your own phone immediately as the offender may be on the line a short time after you have put your phone down.



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